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IT Solutions for the Food Industry

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Who are we?

At Clothier Jones, we understand the importance of the communication process between food wholesalers and their clients. Through the use of IT communication technology in the food industry, we make it easy to promote seasonal items, keep your clients updated with new lines, and present them with services that would be most beneficial to their business.

Our Services

As each organisation is going to vary from the next, we specialise in promoting your products to the right people.

Making a business available online is one of the most valuable ways to serve your customer. Our SMART|websites have each been designed for the utmost efficiency when it comes to alerting your customers of products and services through unique packages relevant to them.

Our client communication system has been designed to build SMART|mail campaigns to promote products and services to your clients. The intended goal is to increase awareness of your product portfolio, seasonal items, and to increase the average spend per customer.

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